Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX – Primer Pt. 2

Played some more this past weekend, some additional notes for new ID7 players.

Tag Battles

  • The fastest way to earn points for upgrading your cars, Tag Battle earns 900 for a win and 300 for a loss.
  • There are eight checkpoints throughout the race, each one has a silver and a gold gate. The silver gate earns +1 point for your team while the gold gate is +2 points.
  • If both teammates hit the same color gate on the corresponding checkpoint, that team earns an additional +2 points.
  • Higher team score at the end of the race wins, the last checkpoint however is worth extra points (and +12 for one team if both players finish first with gold.)
  • VS the CPU, staying just in front of the other car, and taking their gates first is often a great strategy for denying points to the other team.

    Car Customizing / Garage
  • The second option on the main menu takes you to the garage, here you can see all of the cars currently attached to your card. You can also choose to add a new car, the price of which varies based on the arcade.
  • Selecting a car you already own takes you to customization, which appear to be only cosmetic upgrades(?) in exchange for large amounts of points. You can preview the different parts before deciding on any purchases.
  • It’s recommended by most that you spend your points on full-tuning your car first, before purchasing any of these items.

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